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Prescription medicine packaging must meet the guidelines set by the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). This includes the assignment of randomized serial numbers to each package, alongside essential information such as batch details and product codes, serving as unique identifiers (UI). The process of generating these UIs is known as serialization and we offer a cost-effective solution for this. You can find more about this service here.

Within our company group, 95% of processes have been digitalized. All departments within our organization collaborate within a unified process management system that aggregates data across all functions, be it repackaging or purchasing. If you seek enhanced operational efficiency, we’re capable to offer a customized process system tailored to your pharmaceutical company’s needs.

Why choose Actiofarma?

  • Cost-effective serialization solution;
  • Responsive customer service, backed by our in-house IT department;
  • Solutions developed for each client’s unique needs;
  • Knowledge of pharmaceutical requirements as we repack and sell medicines ourselves.

Serialization services (FMD) | Actiofarma

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